When we think about the impact of Field Service Management technology, we usually focus on the efficiency gained in operations.  This efficiency directly leads to greater profitability, a key driver for every business.   For example, more accurate order data, improved scheduling, financial reporting and inventory management.   All of these are tangible benefits of using modern software.   And they give a meaningful return on investment.

But there is another power of field service technology that should be considered.   That is being a best in class company in today’s fast-moving market.   Being a best in class business has numerous advantages.   Let’s quickly look at the benefits in connection with three main stakeholders:  Employees, Customers, Communication Service Company.

  • Employees. With advanced technology, employees have a better experience.   The time they have to spend on tedious manual tasks is reduced.  This allows associates to be more productive and have a greater sense of accomplishment in their work.  As a result, retention is enhanced.   Using proven field service management software also has the benefit of attracting new employees.  Candidates want to work for employers who invest in and use modern technology in the workplace.  Top talent is attracted to best in class companies.   And existing employees are more engaged with those businesses.
  • Customers. Technology allows field service companies to deliver a heightened level of customer satisfaction.  By eliminating extra steps and ensuring clear order fulfillment and scheduling, customer satisfaction is elevated.   Customers view the use of technology as additive – a key reason – for successful transactions.   Customers reward best in class companies with positive reviews, referrals and strong loyalty.
  • Communication Service Company. By using technology to transfer data, track inventory and report order results, the relationship with the communication service provider is strengthened.   A contractor who has embraced leading technology in their operations is highly valued as a best in class business partner.

Increased operational efficiency is an important benefit of using Field Service Management technology.   Another powerful benefit is positioning as a best in class company in the eyes of all stakeholders.