A customer needs installation or repair of communication service equipment.

  • What are the main drivers of satisfaction for that customer?
  • How does technology improve customer satisfaction in each category?

Let’s consider three key items that matter to a customer:

  1. Effort
  2. Understanding
  3. Success
  • From the customer’s point of view, the goal is to place an order and have the issue addressed with the least amount of effort.   If we break that down, it means:
    • Not having to repeat details
    • Not require filling our unnecessary forms
    • Not complete extra steps
    • Not communicate with multiple people

Low effort equals high satisfaction.   Field Service Management Software helps with this by transferring details about the order from the communication service company to the field.   The necessary details are available to the technician without the customer having to repeat what has already been explained.

  • Customers want clarity and understanding.
    • When will the repair or installation be done?
    • How long will it take?
    • How much will it cost?
    • What is the basic description of the work?

Field Service Management Software allows for detailed scheduling of jobs and technicians.  By assigning the right work to the right team and shift, a clear understanding of the schedule can be delivered.  Part of understanding is clarity around pricing and cost of the service.  With software, the pricing of the work is clear and prompt.

  • The goal of every transaction is success.   The order is placed, it is acknowledged, scheduled and done right.  Using field management software, operations run smoothly and results are enhanced.   This efficiency gain brings a heightened level of success to transactions.   In the end, customers appreciate the success and satisfaction is high.

For field service companies, customer satisfaction is always top of mind.   Technology can be used to directly improve customer satisfaction and make a real impact.   Software helps in each of the three categories that matter most:  Effort, Understanding, Success.