A safety scorecard module and construction project module have been added to the Numerasoft solution, based on client suggestions.


TORONTOFeb. 9, 2023Prlog News — Numerasoft, the leading Field Service Software provider focused entirely on telecommunication providers and contractors announced the addition of two new modules to its platform.  A Safety Scorecard module and a Construction Project module are now available to users of Numerasoft.


The new modules were developed based on direct feedback from leading clients about how to bring added automation and improvements to the operations and efficiency for field service businesses.

With the new Safety Scorecard module, users have access to a configurable point-based system to improve safety standards and awareness for technicians and team members.  The scorecard is developed based on items such as Compliance Training, Safety Inspections, Driving Data and Vehicle Inspections.

The Construction Project module manages aspects of the construction job such as shifts, tools, vehicles and equipment.  It also tracks and reports on resources used throughout the project.

Collaborating closely with clients, software enhancements are developed and added to the Numerasoft solution to achieve continuous improvement.

Numerasoft offers a robust, Cloud-based software solution to manage a variety of functions found in field service businesses.  Modules automate the receiving of order details from communication service providers, scheduling of colleagues and tracking time for payroll.

In addition, the Numerasoft software tracks the inventory of parts received and used, coordinates maintenance of vehicles and supports financial and management reporting. For construction companies, project information and equipment details are tracked with the centralized software solution.

Please learn more at:  https://www.numerasoft.com